Inicio Actualidad Jacob Aagard impartirá seminario magistral del 11 al 14 de abril 2019

Jacob Aagard impartirá seminario magistral del 11 al 14 de abril 2019


Jacob Aagaard, nació en Dinamarca, es un prestigioso Gran Maestro danés aunque actualmente reside en Escocia. Ha escrito una gran variedad de libros de ajedrez, algunos están considerados dentro de los mejores para nosotros como Maestría en Ajedrez.

Otros de los libros que ha escrito son:

  • Easy Guide to the Panov-Botvinnik Attack, Everyman Chess, 1998.
  • Easy Guide to the Sveshnikov Sicilian, Everyman Chess, 2000.
  • Dutch Stonewall, Everyman Chess, 2001.
  • Queen’s Indian Defence, Everyman Chess, 2002.
  • Excelling at Chess Calculation, Everyman Chess, 2004.
  • Excelling at Combinational Play, Everyman Chess, 2004.
  • Excelling at Technical Chess, Everyman Chess, 2004.
  • Starting Out: The Grünfeld, Everyman Chess, 2004.
  • Practical Chess Defence, Quality Chess, 2006.
  • The Attacking Manual: Basic Principles, Quality Chess, 2008.
  • The Attacking Manual 2: Technique and Praxis, Quality Chess, 2008.

Pues bien, Jacob va a impartir un interesante seminario (en inglés) en Alicante, organizado por nuestra amiga Patricia Claros. Para inscripciones debéis poneros en contacto con ella:

Os dejamos también el temario y planificación de dicho seminario.

A brief overview over the content of the Jacob Aagaard camp in Alicante 11-14 April

First off, Jacob will be giving the camp in English. I do not speak Spanish, to my great regret.

In this camp, Jacob will go our the concept of the 4 types of decision I have developed and use with students from club players to top GMs. They are:

Automatic Decisions – when there is only one move

Simple Decisions – when there is not much to calculate

Critical Moments – when the best move is much stronger than the second best

Strategic Decisions – complex positions where we need to use all tools in the tool box

We will go deeper into basic (Not easy! Simple!) positional play and how to look at this in a conscious way, using the method of the three questions:

  1. Where are the weaknesses
  2. What is the opponent’s idea
  3. Which is the worst placed piece

We will also talk about the fundamentals of good calculation, based on candidate moves, slowing down and how to build on this to improve your calculation.

Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard is the 2007 British Champion and the only chess author to win all the major Book of the Year Awards. He was the coach of the Danish Federation and India’s Women’s Team at the 2018 Olympiad. His many students include GMs Boris Gelfand and Sam Shankland.  

Jacob Aagaard’s training system is not created for a certain level of player, as our brains and reality is not that different. He use his ideas with beginners and players rated 2700+ and everywhere inbetween. Jacob has experience from working with kids that cannot find mate in one to very strong players. His summer camp in Glasgow is for example exclusively for GMs, with many 2600+ players among the participants.

Soy el autor del libro de ajedrez más vendido en Amazon en 2016 y 2017: El Método Zugzwang. INSTRUCTOR FIDE (FI) He jugado algunas partidas buenas y bastantes malas. Profesor de ajedrez en The Zugzwang Members y jugador en activo que encuentra analogías en la vida con el ajedrez cada día. Sigo en continuo aprendizaje. Actualmente divulgo mis ideas en artículos aquí y en mi canal de Youtube.


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